Start the year with a bang!  From January to March, we bring you another season of French Excellence. 

With a dynamic range of events, featuring talks, virtual tours, workshops and screenings, we invite you to REWARD: FRENCH ART SCENE!

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REWARD is part of French Excellence, a yearly programme created by Alliance Française de Singapour to better share the best of French culture with all the communities through a large array of exhibitions, workshops, talks, screenings etc. The objective is also to create a dialogue between cultures and to strengthen the ties between people. After the success of the 6 French Excellence series last year, here's to another year of French Excellence!

by Aurèle Ricard aka 'LostDOG'

Too often in our societies, man is absorbed by his daily life, constantly caught in his infernal rhythms and tends to become a machine. Our civilizations, blinded by the singular necessity of endless production, crush everything in their path. A quest that makes us lose our identity and the traces of our past, to live only in the present as we rush headlong towards the future. But everywhere hands reach forth and minds seek each other out in an attempt to learn to live for each other. 

After Los Angeles in April 2021, a city also committed to sustainable development, Lost in Singapore is a dog sitting in the midst of an ultra-modern architecture as a symbol of life and the contribution of Aurèle to tomorrow’s world, so that action again becomes sister to dream in order to liberate the possibilities of new lives in each of us.

Artworks are from a private collection. 

18 January - 5 March 2022
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Aurèle Ricard, known as Aurèle LostDog, born in Paris on 24 October 1963, is a French postindustrial visual artist. Learn more about the artist here!
Photo credit: ©️ Alessandra D’Urso


As part of the Singapore Art Week 2022, and in partnership with the Art Galleries Association in Singapore (AGAS), some artworks from the exhibition will be displayed in their group show "A World at Every Turn". 

17-23 January
Gillman Barracks, 7 Lock Road, #01-13. 
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TALK: Meet-the-artist

with Aurèle Ricard aka 'LostDog'

His “LostDog” is a trademark, his yellow a color of hope. Aurèle is the prototype of a generation of artists without any complexes or moods, driven by on-the-ground action more than by a simple arty attitude, a way of being more that a way of showing. The artist Aurèle can be recognized by a certain power of assertion. If one word could undoubtedly define his relationship to the world, a word which animates both his work and his life, that would be: ACTION. Aurèle’s collected works take on the appearance of a fight: a fight for Art as much as a fight for Life. Enraged and committed artist, Aurèle comprehensive work conveys a message of urgency and resistance to the plague of an era of which his “LostDog” becomes the symbol. Aurèle has been developing, for more than twenty-five years, the same radical project of denouncing modern wanderings. Its goal: to mobilize present and future generations in the face of wars, epidemics, ecological catastrophes, political and media excesses, precariousness and exclusion, inequalities and overconsumption. In Aurèle’s world, art confronts reality and thereby becomes a true “mirror of modernity”.

Free Entrance | In the theatre, the artist will be on Zoom. 
Friday 4 February - 6.30pm


Dive further into the French Art Scene with exclusive online guided tours of iconic French museums and private collections. An interactive experience, from the comfort of your home!

First stop will be the Pinault Collection that gathers over 10, 000 works by almost 400 artists in the historical building of the Bourse de Commerce in Paris, newly restored. Follow the guide Laurence Rapin, Art Historian speaker recognised by the French Ministry of Culture and former FOM docent in Singapore.

Free Event | on Zoom
In English
Thursday 24 February - 6.30pm 
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Continue the journey through the French art scene with a curated offer of French films for a 360 experience in our lush and modern theatre.

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Enjoyed the various tastings during French Excellence last year!? There’s still more to come in 2022... We are planning an exciting line-up of champagne and wine tastings, and much more, so stay tuned as we will be releasing more information very soon! Format and dates to be confirmed depending on the current situation and the safety measures in effect. 

Date to be confirmed. More info soon.